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"Galamart" knows how to make summer vacation budget and comfortable
Summer, sunshine, fresh air - it’s even indecent to sit at home at such a time, and many people choose to relax in nature - be it fishing, hiking in…

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Excursions in transit or where the tourist will be offered a free trip during the connection of flights?
Flights with a "long" transfer - not the most favorite offer from tourists. However, at some airports, “getting stuck” for a few hours may be an added bonus to travel,…

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Traveling with a child
It is only in our country that children are not allowed to go further than the sandbox. To school - with parents, to the theater - with a teacher, and…

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Black sand, smoking volcano and other reasons to fly to Tenerife this summer

Tenerife is the largest and most amazing of the islands of the Canary archipelago. Located in the Atlantic Ocean near the African coast, it combines exotic nature, warm climate, as well as Spanish culture and cuisine. In the heart of the island is the third largest volcano in the world of Teide. Its height is more than 3,700 meters above sea level.

The whole island consists of mountain roads, steep descents and ascents. Therefore, renting a car, be prepared for narrow serpentines, sharp turns and constant reconstructions, which are almost impossible to drive around. Continue reading

“Galamart” knows how to make summer vacation budget and comfortable

Summer, sunshine, fresh air – it’s even indecent to sit at home at such a time, and many people choose to relax in nature – be it fishing, hiking in the woods for the weekend, or just barbeques at the cottage. And it does not matter what you choose – the main thing is to have only pleasant impressions. Of course, a trip to the forest is not the same as a rest in a five-star hotel (which is, by the way, the beauty), but it can also be made quite comfortable.

And everything you need for fishing, camping with tents or barbecues in the country you will find in the near “Galamarte” – at very pleasant, “summer” prices. Continue reading

Get the most out of your summer vacation: in Greece on a yacht

Summer is the best occasion to spend time with loved ones, visit new places and get unforgettable impressions. If you love the sea, then for sure at least once rode on a motor boat, yacht or sailboat. Perhaps you are already a professional who is actively engaged in yachting or sailing, or maybe just an amateur who knows how to relax with taste.

Greece is one of the best places for a boat trip or a whole cruise, so it’s not necessary to rent a hotel or villa for the entire duration of the trip – you can comfortably stay on a yacht or catamaran. Continue reading

Egypt in 2019 for Russians: favorite resorts are available again

News about the possibility of opening direct charter flights from Russia to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh appears with enviable consistency. But so far the matter is not going further than declarative conversations. Meanwhile, the Russians are not going to abandon the Egyptian resorts – and are developing new ways.

For 4 years, while there are no direct flights from Russia to the resort cities of Egypt, tourists have repeatedly been promised to set up a flight connection. Back in February 2019, another security inspection of the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh was announced by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. But even after it, everything remained in the same positions – directly the resorts of the country of the pyramids are not yet available to the Russians. Continue reading

5 reasons at least once to go to England

Dreamed of the sky of London? So, the moment has come, change everything in life and conquer new heights! Many tourists on the way to the UK are not afraid of a geographical, but a language barrier. It does not matter. After all, you can not just wander around the cities, but also at the same time “pull up” language skills.

For maximalists who live to their fullest, Wall Street English School offers study abroad programs. This is a great chance to gain verbal practice and plunge into the English world. There are at least 5 reasons to visit Albion.

1. Immerse yourself in the magic Continue reading

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