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11 amazing things to do on Samui
Beautiful beaches, colorful markets and unique landscapes - this is only a small part of what it costs to go to Koh Samui ... Discussions that Thailand and its islands…

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Global Warming: Places to visit
A vacation of your dream, such as diving on the Great Barrier Reef, skiing in the Swiss Alps, can forever remain just a dream, if you don't hurry, writes McClatchy…

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Amazing Santo Domingo
The private beach of Aura Beach, located outside the city, is not even close to what you imagine when you think of the beaches of the Dominican Republic. Sun loungers…

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Morocco – hit parade of the best beaches.

Have you ever been to a place where so many resorts are gathered at once that you had to choose where you will rest today? And in the summer you like to go where the sea, the sun and the heat?

If you answered yes to the second question, and plan to spend your summer vacation somewhere near the southern sea, do not miss the opportunity to visit Morocco! There are so many resorts, beaches and just places for a pleasant stay, that you will be able to move from one place to another all the time you have to rest, tasting new and new pleasures and ways of relaxation. Believe me, the beaches of Morocco, located on the coast of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea – exactly what you should definitely see and try to every self-respecting lover of sea holidays. Continue reading

Paid hotel services

Each traveler is familiar with a set of leaves, invariably lying on the table in the room of any foreign hotel. These are rates for services not included in the room rate. These include laundry, ironing, room service and a mini bar. Prices for the whole set in different countries are different. But, as a rule, the more “stars” the hotel has, the higher they are.

Everything is clear with the laundry service: you don’t want to pay – wash yourself and hang your laundry on anything (an experienced traveler, especially if he travels with children, has a clothesline and a set of clothespins in his travel arsenal). However, in some hotels for budget guests there is a special rope in the bathrooms, which is stretched over the bathroom. Usually it happens in hotels located at seaside resorts, or in hotels with a swimming pool, because in reality it is intended not for pants and socks, but for swimsuits and swimming trunks. Continue reading

Traveling with a child

It is only in our country that children are not allowed to go further than the sandbox. To school – with parents, to the theater – with a teacher, and if you walk, it is only a group of at least five people. The fact that one Russian child went to visit her grandmother, who lives, say, in Petushki, is out of the question. Meanwhile, abroad, children literally from early nails begin to travel independently: on bicycles, cars, trains, on foot, finally.

In Russia, the only mode of transport on which parents can land a child without worrying about is a plane. However, each airline has its own rules for the transport of children flying unaccompanied. And before you book a ticket, we strongly recommend that you read them. Continue reading

How to make your vacation perfect

The tourism industry has taken its rightful place in the global business. For some countries and cities, tourism is the main source of income.

On the one hand, this contributed to the fact that the amount of entertainment for tourists has increased. On the other hand, there are practically no places in the world where you could relax in peace and quiet without being inquisitive travelers all the time in a crowd.

How to make the vacation brought a lot of pleasure and a minimum of disappointment?

The first option is to go somewhere far away from roads, hotels, attractions, in a deaf grandmother’s village. If you want closer to civilization, you will have to follow a number of rules so that the rest does not turn into a nightmare. Continue reading

The best thalassotherapy treatments in Tunisia

Thalassotherapy is a “trick” that attracts masses of people in Tunisia who dream of building up, prettier and smoothed out, and the main reason for the occupancy of winter charters. A rare hotel on the coast does not have its own talassocenter – the absolute majority of the “fives”, “fours” and even the modest “triples” have long acquired rooms for wraps, coatings and irrigation, as well as Russian-speaking doctors in the kit. Popular centers of thalassotherapy in the fight for the client (and this business brings millions to corporate and private wallets) in every way seek to “blind Lisa by the breadth of scope”, from the beyond areas of their patrimonies, where they could place not only the SPA booths, but also the football field , up to a multipage list of procedures and glossy brochures with honeyed stories about the paradise pleasures bestowed by them. In order to decide on a suitable thalassoprogram, it is useful to find out what is meant by French and Latin spa terms and which thalassotherapy procedures are most popular in Tunisia. Continue reading

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