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Get the most out of your summer vacation: in Greece on a yacht

Summer is the best occasion to spend time with loved ones, visit new places and get unforgettable impressions. If you love the sea, then for sure at least once rode on a motor boat, yacht or sailboat. Perhaps you are already a professional who is actively engaged in yachting or sailing, or maybe just an amateur who knows how to relax with taste.

Greece is one of the best places for a boat trip or a whole cruise, so it’s not necessary to rent a hotel or villa for the entire duration of the trip – you can comfortably stay on a yacht or catamaran.

Moreover, the organization of such a holiday will take no more time than the search for housing on AirBnb! Is that for those who still do not know about the leader of the lease of ships of ships online Click & Boat, where you can choose a boat for the weekend at competitive prices.

Therefore, do not postpone the summer for later and plan your unforgettable sea cruise in Greece!

Why choose Greece for a trip on a yacht?

Even the most demanding sailor will find a route to his liking: Greece is in the very south of Europe, it owns almost 1,500 islands and 3 seas: the Aegean, Ionian and Mediterranean. How many times do not come, each new time Greece will be able to surprise you with a variety of panoramas and unique nature.

Enjoy the hundreds of islands that are close to each other: explore the richness of this coast yourself. Even if you are still an inexperienced captain or traveling with a skipper, you can easily stay in sight of the land, overcoming with great distances and changing landscapes.

It is worth going to Greece to get closer to Greek culture and natural resources far from touristy places: the atmosphere of “real” Greece is very rich and interesting.

Watch crimson sunsets and fascinating landscapes from the deck of your sailing boat, or feel the sea breeze and ride with the wind on a motor yacht.

What time of year is better to choose for sea travel?

The yacht season begins in mid-April and ends in late September, although quite often until the end of October the temperature still reaches 20 degrees. The highest seasons are July and August, but Greece is boating on a boat at any time of the year.
To the South on Santorini: Traditional Greece

Location: Santorini archipelago, southeastern Greece.
Getting there: rent a boat in Paros, Mykonos, Naxos, Sifnos.
Sea distances: 42 miles from Naxos, 50 miles from Sifnos, 65 miles from Heraklion.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the highlight of Greece – the island of Santorini. Everyone knows about this paradise thanks to the white houses with a blue roof and unobstructed view of the Aegean Sea. Skaros Rock is one of the most memorable natural sights of Greece: its height is 120 meters! An exceptional spectacle, both from the sea on board the yacht, and from a height on land: do not miss the chance to see both sides. Moor in the bay of Santorini enjoy wonderful moments.

A few days spent in this region will make you rediscover the soul of Greece. Santorini, Ios or Folegandros have everything: traditional architecture, small fishing ports, incredible Mediterranean gastronomy, but above all the irresistible charm of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Rent one of the hundreds of boats available in the region with or without a captain and enjoy the landscapes of an ancient volcanic island: huge rocks and views of traditional houses. At your disposal are many places for mooring, where you can stay for the night, or go explore the city.

To Zakynthos in the southwest – the most beautiful beach in Greece

Location: Zakynthos Island, the archipelago of the Ionian Islands, southwestern Greece.
How to get there: a trip to a rented yacht in Patras, Corfu, Lefkada, Igoumenitsa, Kalamata.
Sea distances: 20 miles from Argostoli (Kefalonia), 57 miles from Patras, 111 miles from Corfu.
On Zakynthos on a yacht!

Zakynthos is a Greek island, in which the Click & Boat team is in love and not only! It is believed that here is the most beautiful beach in Greece. This place is unlike the Greece we are used to. Before you open panorama of the mountains, small, almost white, sand and azure sea. The ancient fragments of rocks, which are protected by the archipelago of the Ionic islands, resemble the details of the Hollywood blockbuster that was just shot.

You really will see the beauty of this place, especially if you have not heard of it before. Despite the fact that this bay is a bit isolated by nature, in no case should it be missed when coming to the Ionian Sea.

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