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TOP 10 best beaches in the world

Beach lovers appreciate completely different things in it. One important is a vibrant nightlife and entertainment, the other, on the contrary, solitude and tranquility, and the third – the beauty of the surrounding nature. In each of the beach “nominations” you can determine the winner.
1. The most beautiful – Pink Sands Beach (Bahamas).
The name Pink Sands Beach on the Bahamas island of Harbor (Harbor) owes its name to the unusual pink sand, which makes a tremendous impression on the backdrop of the azure sea and sky. The most favorable season for a holiday on Pink Sands Beach is from September to May. You can get here through the US (although you need to have a transit visa in your passport) or through London (a transit visa is issued at a British consulate). Another advantage of the beach is diving, which is considered here as one of the best in the world.

2. The longest is Cox`s Bazar (Bangladesh).
Contrary to popular belief that the largest beaches are on the islands of the Pacific Ocean, the title of the “longest beach” belongs to Bangladeshi Cox`s Bazar. This fact is documented by the Guinness Book of Records. This beach stretches for 120 kilometers along the entire coast from the city of Chittagong to the border with Myanmar. One of the main local attractions is the spectacle of a sunset. Every evening, hundreds of holidaymakers line up along the entire beach and watch with enchantment as the sun disk first slowly rolls into the sea, and then abruptly disappears over the horizon, as if dissolving into the blue of the sea.

3. The most fashionable – Las Salinas (Ibiza, Spain).
The reputation of the most fashionable beach in the world has long been won by Las Salinas in Spanish Ibiza. The largest number of tourists rests here from May to October. The best clubs in the world and DJs organize their company parties here. Ibiza is not only the most fashionable, but also the most expensive resort in the world. To rest here in full force, you need to count on spending at least $ 100 a day.

4. Most photographed – Anse Source D`Argent (Seychelles).
The beauty of this secluded beach in the Seychelles is a magnet for professional and amateur photographers. It consists of several coves, separated by huge granite boulders of fantastic shapes. They are interspersed with palm trees, under which you can find huge palm crabs. The calm waters of the lagoon are ideal for relaxing with children and snorkeling. The optimal season for relaxing on the beach Anse Source D`Argent is May-November.

5. The cleanest is Varadero (Cuba).
Over the past few years, the famous Cuban beach Varadero is recognized as the cleanest in the world. Here is the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. Tourists come to Varadero just for the gentle sea and clean sand, and not for the vibrant nightlife. You can reach the beaches of Varadero in just 2 hours drive from the capital of Cuba – Havana.

6. The best city beach – Copacabana (Brazil).
The famous Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro is an endless Brazilian carnival, a cocktail of festive euphoria and a feeling of carefree life. Every December, about three million people gather on this beach to celebrate New Year on the ocean. Kapakabana is located 5 kilometers from the center of Rio. At the same distance extends the strip of the beach. To get to the water, tourists have to cross a real football field and a volleyball court.

7. The best topless beach in the world – South Beach (Miami).
Forbes magazine recognized the famous Florida South Beach as the best topless beach in the world. His constant motto is “Watch yourself and show yourself.” The main criteria for assessing the elitism of the beach were its location, climatic conditions and the legitimacy of swimming in semi-nude form.

8. The quietest – the beach of Lombok (Indonesia).
The Indonesian island of Lombok is an ideal place for those who appreciate solitude, peace and tranquility. Here, there is a high probability that during the whole period of your stay you will never meet other tourists: the only hotel in The Oberoi Lombok has just 20 luxury villas scattered throughout the beach. Lombok Island is famous for the fantastic beauty of corals and strange sea creatures that are not found in any other place.

9. The most popular among nudists – Koversada (Croatia).
The Adriatic coast of Croatia is rightfully the center of world nudism: for several years it has been ranked first in the world in terms of the density of nudist beaches and resorts. The most popular nudist resort – Koversada – is located on the Istrian peninsula, at the mouth of the Lim Fjord. It is spread over an area of ​​about 120 hectares, covered with pine trees, a broom, and olive trees. In the restaurants of this resort without any problems you can dine completely naked.

10. The most “wild” beach – Wakaya (Fiji).
Wakaya Island in Fiji, lost in tropical thickets and blue transparent lagoons.

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