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The best thalassotherapy treatments in Tunisia

Thalassotherapy is a “trick” that attracts masses of people in Tunisia who dream of building up, prettier and smoothed out, and the main reason for the occupancy of winter charters. A rare hotel on the coast does not have its own talassocenter – the absolute majority of the “fives”, “fours” and even the modest “triples” have long acquired rooms for wraps, coatings and irrigation, as well as Russian-speaking doctors in the kit. Popular centers of thalassotherapy in the fight for the client (and this business brings millions to corporate and private wallets) in every way seek to “blind Lisa by the breadth of scope”, from the beyond areas of their patrimonies, where they could place not only the SPA booths, but also the football field , up to a multipage list of procedures and glossy brochures with honeyed stories about the paradise pleasures bestowed by them. In order to decide on a suitable thalassoprogram, it is useful to find out what is meant by French and Latin spa terms and which thalassotherapy procedures are most popular in Tunisia.

1. Hammam + gommazh + wrap
Good old procedure with which it is recommended to begin any course of thalassotherapy. It involves sweating in a traditional Tunisian bath – a hammam, which is steamed from under-floor vats with boiling water. For more comfort, you can lie down on the marble bench, having previously spread a cotton foot-sheet. After the pores of the skin open, the bathhouse man will thoroughly scrape the body with a Kesoy mitten and wash it with the usual loofah with folk soap based on olive oil. For wrapping a special “tfal” clay is used, diluted to a plastic consistency with a floral distillate – most often from geranium. At the end of the procedure tfal wash off with cool water.

2. Massage under the drip sea shower
One of the most favorite holiday procedures and also inexpensive. It is performed on a special table with 4-5 miniature souls located above it and along the entire length of the client’s body. Seawater heated to a comfortable temperature is finely sprayed from the holes, and at the same time the master makes a general relaxing massage. Perfectly relaxes and nourishes the skin with beneficial trace elements due to the light effect of rubbing.

Thalassotherapy in Tunisia
3. Cleopatra’s bath
VIP procedure offered in large thalassocenters. According to legend, the famous queen daily took milk baths to preserve youth and white skin. Today, they no longer put in whole milk – they just generously whiten hot sea water with them, but they add a whole range of essential oils – verbena, rosemary, and eucalyptus. And of course, for peace of mind, different flowers are allowed to float on the surface.

4. Hydro color therapy
Combines hydromassage and color treatment. As the eastern practices say, each of the seven chakras of a person has a specific color – from red to purple, and by observing correctly chosen color combinations, you can adjust their work, and therefore bring the body into correct correspondence. In practice, you will be placed in a marine hot tub with built-in lamps, emitting a softly changing color, and left to “gurgle” in the extravaganza of beautiful shades.

5. Algotherapy
Thalassotherapy in Tunisia
“Algae” in Greek – algae, therefore, algotherapy means “treatment of algae.” This also applies to local applications of algal extracts on problem areas, and to full coating with a useful substance from head to toe. The procedure improves metabolism, helps to cope with inflammatory processes, including in the joints, and softens the skin. Feelings are very pleasant: the extracts are heated to body temperature and due to moisture saturation they do not dry on the skin.

6. Sea foot treatment
A hit for those who, by the nature of work, have to sit a lot or walk for a long time, the sea foot procedure is an effect on the calves, ankles and feet of hydromassage jets of various strengths. At the same time, they put you on the side of a tiny foot-basin (of course, this is a seat with all the comforts in the form of soft bedding and a comfortable backrest), and your legs are lowered into the bowl itself. Water is supplied at different temperatures, and the pressure of the jets varies smoothly. The feeling of lightness in the legs after such a procedure is unprecedented!

7. Underwater shower
Variations on a jacuzzi, not just bubble-entertaining, but therapeutic and relaxing. You will be placed in a bath with warm sea water, filled with petals and lit scented candles, and the masseur will massage your body with the help of water coming out of the hose. The pressure can also vary depending on the sensitivity of different zones. In addition, various extracts of medicinal plants, essences and oils are added to the water, which increases the therapeutic effect.

8. Aquatonic
The procedure recommended to everyone, without exception, aquatonic is a walk in the pool with sea water, equipped with various hydromassage.

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