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Excursions in Pattaya

1. Sightseeing tour
Pattaya Sightseeing tour
This tour is included in almost all packages. You should not neglect it, as well as meeting with a hotel guide, because whoever it is, you still visit a wonderful place – Buddha Hill, which offers a magnificent, simply unforgettable view of the city. The tour is free and takes half a day.

Many operators also include visits to certain tourist sites. This may be a serpentine farm, an aquarium, an elephant village or something else that you definitely want to look at later, but if you don’t do it on a “review” you have to spend some money.

In addition, you will definitely be brought to one or several trading places. This is usually a jewelry factory (one of two), in addition, a sightseeing tour may include visits to a latex factory, pharmacy and / or leather goods store. It is not long, but it can also be very interesting and fascinating.

Since every sightseeing tour necessarily includes a visit to Buddha Hill, we will stop on it in more detail.

To visit this place you need to get ready. First, you definitely need a camera! Then put on comfortable shoes, because you have to climb a little and walk and, most importantly, do not forget to bring money with you. It is better to have a couple of hundred-dollar bills, a few twenties, and most importantly – iron fines: about ten times worth one baht or 25/50 satangs, as well as several two- and five-baht coins. If there is a pair of 10 baht coins in your pocket, this will not be superfluous either.

If the day promises to be hot, and you flew in just yesterday or the day before, then be sure to apply plenty of sunscreen with a large UV factor. You have not less than an hour, or even more to roam under the merciless Siamese sun, and your skin has not been completely adapted. The same goes for sunglasses. Why spoil your vacation from the first days? It is better not to neglect such methods of precaution first. If you are traveling with children, then take care of hats.

It is not bad to take a bottle of water with you, as it can be problematic to buy it on the spot.

In addition, you definitely need to see the day of the week of your birth date. It is better to do this in advance, so as not to fuss. If you were born on Wednesday, check the time (before or after noon). It is important!

Go now to meet your happiness!

Do not forget the birds on the Hill of Big Buddha Pattaya!
The temple is conventionally divided into several zones, located on the top of a hill, although the important thing for you begins even near the steps.

The first. Do not forget to buy birds in a cage! This is important, and tour guides often forget to mention this. They are sold in front of the stairs, usually to the right in the direction of travel. This joy is worth about 100 baht and merchants usually do not discount prices, although it all depends on the time of day. If your tour took place in the morning, then in less than a hundred baht the birds will not give you back. These birds you will need to let go on top, that is, on the territory of the Temple itself. This way you clear at least a little karma and earn yourself a big “plus sign” in the list of good deeds.

In Thai religion, such “plus signs” can be earned in several ways: by feeding the monks, feeding the animals, releasing birds or fish. Generally in Buddhism, and not only in it, doing good deeds is very useful.

In addition, when flying away, the birds will take with them your diseases, at least some of them.

So do not forget to buy and release birds on the Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya!

The place where all wishes come true

Staircase to the Temple on the Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya
Staircase to the Temple. Excursions in Pattaya
Any staircase in any Temple in Thailand this opportunity to tell fortunes! Moreover, the higher the ladder, the more accurate divination will be.

There are many such stairs, but the most accessible for you is the Staircase to the Temple of Wat Phra Yai on the Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya.

Divination is as follows:

Before ascending to the Temple, approach the stairs.
Make a question that you would like an answer to. The answer should be simple “yes or no”, “come true or not”, etc.
Climbing the stairs, count the number of steps.
After calmly inspect the Temple and do everything you need, for example, release the birds. The main thing: remember how many steps you counted!
Going down the stairs, do not forget to count the steps.
If the numbers back and forth match, the answer is “Yes!”. Otherwise – try another staircase …
By itself, the stairs to the Temple on the Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya are quite picturesque, so it’s not bad to take a selfie or a photo on its background before climbing. Start saving memories from the first steps!

Temple on the Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya
The temple on the Hill of the Big Buddha (Wat Phra Yai) consists of several parts, the site is well accessible to tourists, with actually a huge eighteen meter statue of Buddha.

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