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Weekend in Lazio: how to explore the region in two days

ENIT will pay particular attention to tourism products in the Lazio region; over the past year it has become very popular in the Russian market. Thus, according to ISTAT, in 2017 (compared to 2014), the number of tourists increased by 9.7%, despite the fact that in 2016 the increase in tourist flow was fixed at 5.2%.

Of course, going on a trip to Italy, it is better to have a few weeks left. However, if the holidays are still far away, and new impressions are needed now, you can go to Lazio. There are so many leisure options here that the impressions of the weekend can be compared with a full-fledged vacation.

How to spend time in Lazio?


Start acquaintance with the region is best with the theater Marcellus. The building is considered the oldest in all of ancient Rome, and even the famous Colosseum is ahead in size. The idea of ​​building Marcellus belongs to Yuri Caesar, while the implementation is the work of Octavian Augustus.

The size of the amphitheater amazes even the most sophisticated tourist: Marcellus was designed for 14 thousand spectators, while the length of the stage was almost 100 meters. The theater survived two restorations, and in the IV century it was no longer used for its intended purpose.

Then you should visit the castle of Santa Severa, located on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The place is considered one of the most romantic in Lazio.

The dead city of Civitadi Bagnoregio.

The history of the castle dates back to X-XI centuries. According to the legend of Santa Severa, it was named after the Christian martyr of the North, who died due to the influence of barbarians.


The history of the region is associated with several thermal springs, which had great success in the republican, and then in the imperial era. The Romans built luxurious thermal baths, some of which can still be seen arriving in Lazio. You should start the acquaintance with the terms of Caracalla (now in a state of magnificent ruins). The second important spa from the historical point of view is Tivoli. He became famous for his neighborhood with one of the most famous Italian villas of the XVI century – d’Este, famous for its magnificent fountains, gardens and the palace of the Renaissance. And finally – the ruined imperial villa in Tivoli, near Rome – Adriana, the ancient residence of the emperor Hadrian. Both villas are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Those who want to try the Italian spa in the traditional sense will like the thermal complex of Fiuggi. Local water has healing properties for those who suffer from bladder abnormalities and problems with metabolism. The complex is surrounded by centuries-old maidens – chestnuts, oaks, pines, which also gives a beneficial effect to the nervous system, creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility.


Going to Italy and not trying the local cuisine is a crime. Gastronomic delights in Lazio lure travelers even before the dishes are served on the table: it’s all about the strong flavors with which the restaurants streets are saturated – spicy sauces, carbonara, pesto, freshly brewed coffee. Lazio is famous for Italian dumplings, spaghetti with local sauce Amatmatana, national pecorino cake and bacon. For those who are very hungry, the main dishes are suitable, including a young lamb with vegetables and oxtail stew.

Roman artichokes, which can be tasted at specialized fairs, roast pork, black Gaetao olives and chestnuts grown in the Chimin mountains, are considered to be the pride of Lazio.

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