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5 reasons at least once to go to England
Dreamed of the sky of London? So, the moment has come, change everything in life and conquer new heights! Many tourists on the way to the UK are not afraid…

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5 reasons at least once to go to England

Dreamed of the sky of London? So, the moment has come, change everything in life and conquer new heights! Many tourists on the way to the UK are not afraid of a geographical, but a language barrier. It does not matter. After all, you can not just wander around the cities, but also at the same time “pull up” language skills.

For maximalists who live to their fullest, Wall Street English School offers study abroad programs. This is a great chance to gain verbal practice and plunge into the English world. There are at least 5 reasons to visit Albion.

1. Immerse yourself in the magic

Hogwarts is a dream come true for travelers. Getting there is easy. 20 miles from London is the WarnerBros. StudioTour. This is a unique place where cult decorations from a famous film are recreated.

Visitors can see the Hogwarts Express and the famous platform 9 and ¾, arrange shopping at Kosompereulk, sit in the Great Hall, where students and teachers of the magic school gathered, and walk through the Forbidden Forest, populated by incredible creatures, go to Professor Dumbledore’s designed office, the house of Harry Potter and the house of the Dursley, the village of Hogsmeade with a screeching hut and owl mail.

You can also sit at the dining tables of all four faculties in the Great Hall, see Mr. Weasley’s flying car, drawings and mock-ups for the film, Diagon Alley with all the shops there, specially created for filming portraits of Hogwarts directors, the Magic Hat, the Gryffindor sword and other magic props , eat in the “Sweet Kingdom” with various sweets and drink creamy beer in the bar “Three brooms”.

Studio tour in the world of “Harry Potter” provides an opportunity to personally see potions, bottles of memories and a collection of plates with moving cats. The amount of magic here is off the scale!


And during the excursion everyone has a chance to taste magical sweets (chocolate frog, lollipops with different tastes, peppermint toad) and, of course, a creamy drink.

2. Feel the taste of England

Tasting this country is easy. Here are the best restaurants with Michelin stars. But it is quite tolerable to have a snack in the budget cafes. The main thing is to taste all the national flavors in the literal sense of the word. The “chip” of the British is food wrapped in paper. In this package are placed not only sandwiches, but also traditional dishes: fish with french fries or pudding with meat and kidneys. Pies are generally very popular in England. Leicestershire pork patty, toad in burrow and treifl are considered national.

3. Come off with a British accent

England is famous for its spectacular and bright holidays. Why are there only street parties in honor of the Queen’s birthday? In fact, she has two of them: actual (April 21) and official (beginning of June). In honor of such a significant date, a theatrical parade is held every year near Buckingham Palace with the participation of the military, horses and musicians.

Breathtaking and from the music festival Glastonbury. It annually takes place on a private farm near the town of Galstonbury. This year, the main musical event of the Old World will be held from 26 to 30 June. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that music of different genres is played on a single space and at the same time. Spectators live in a campground and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

To be on the same wavelength with the British will help Henley Regatta, which has been held in the British territories for almost 200 years. International races start on the first weekend of July and last five days. In 2019, the competition will be held in the town of Henley-on-Thames from July 3 to July 7. More than 200 crews with novices and Olympic champions from all over the world will compete for the King’s Cup.

Come off with a British accent

Notting Hill Carnival gives a special flavor. In 2019, it is scheduled for August 24-26. For three days, the eponymous district of London will turn into real Caribbean. On the streets will be people in national costumes, will sound traditional for the islands of reggae. All will move in the style of rumba and try Caribbean dishes (braised goat meat, meringue, calla lu).

4. See the classics

Traditional sights and homes of world famous people are located precisely in England. For those who like to travel “through the pages of books”, the British Isles offer great prospects.

According to the writer N. Hawthorne, in Oxford is the best street in the country – HighStreet with numerous colleges and old churches.

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