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Recreation at a discount, or early booking in the case

Do you know the saying “prepare a sleigh in the summer and a cart in the winter”? This expression is not in vain became winged. It is ideal for many life situations, including planning a holiday! If you already know that you will spend this holiday, for example, in a sanatorium, then you do not need to postpone the idea indefinitely. In this article we will explain in detail why you should book your vacation in Belarusian health resorts in advance and how you can save on this!

Note for tourists: early booking bonuses

Rest on the “last minute” for the soul is not all. It is much better and easier to be sure that in a few months you will definitely be waiting for comfortable rooms in a sanatorium. You can easily collect all the necessary documents, do not rush to pack your bags and go on a well-deserved vacation!

In addition to peace of mind, early booking also includes pleasant discounts. Most resorts are happy to offer tourists rest on the most favorable conditions. If you book a wellness vacation in advance, you will receive guaranteed bonuses!

Additionally, you can enjoy yourself at a discount on the website of the holiday booking service in Belarus VETLIVA.RU. In addition to information about promotions established in the sanatoriums themselves, they also offer to use discount codes to make the rest even more enjoyable.

Which resort to choose?

What do you know about Belarusian sanatoriums? Beautiful nature, cozy rooms and nice staff – this is true. But about the fact that the rehabilitation in the sanatorium is intended “only for grandmothers”, one can argue. Modern wellness-centers and SPA complexes of health resorts easily compete with European ones, and unusual cosmetological procedures will be enjoyed by travelers of any age!

It is not easy to choose a suitable sanatorium – there are too many of them in Belarus. VETLIVA.RU recommends relaxing in one of several health resorts, which carry out the action of early booking:

Sanatorium “Energetik” is located in a pine forest, near the Volpyansky reservoir. But the picturesque nature is not its only advantage! The sanatorium conquers tourists with unique water and other procedures: contrasting souls, mud applications, mineral irrigation and many others. Book a rest in a health center for early booking and see for yourself! A trip to a sanatorium for a two-week recovery will cost from 74,620 rubles for two people.

In the sanatorium “Praleska” you are guaranteed to improve your mood, restore immunity and increase efficiency. And all because here you will be offered the most pleasant procedures in the sauna, relaxing massages, acupuncture and mud therapy. Catch the moment and book the most popular travel dates at a discount! The standard price for a ten-day check-in is from 26,000 rubles for two.
Early booking of rest in the sanatorium “Borovoye” is a great opportunity to provide your body with a breather in the fresh air. Dry flotation, naphthalan baths and stone therapy will take care of your mood and bring you well-being. Sanatorium vouchers are booked for at least 8 days and their cost for two adults is from 34,090 rubles.

Sanatorium “Youth” – is one of the most modern Belarusian resorts. It is located not far from Minsk, near the Zaslavsky reservoir, so you rarely see vacant places in the health resort and you should think well about early booking. A huge SPA complex with various relaxation and massage techniques, wellness procedures, a wellness area for sports and body shaping, a healthy balanced diet – all that we lack in everyday life is available in the Sanatorium “Youth”! The cost of such a holiday is from 61 200 rubles for 11 days of recovery for two adults.
Each resort has its own characteristics. All of them differ in unusual procedures and unique surrounding nature. You can learn more about Belarusian health resorts in the VETLIVA blog. It describes in detail the unusual services offered and the infrastructure of health resorts.

To rest – in the sanatorium of Belarus!

Book in advance rest in sanatoriums and enjoy the beautiful nature and beneficial procedures at a bargain price! In addition, Belarusian health resorts will offer you European service, the latest equipment and a lot of entertainment. VETLIVA guarantees: such rest will not be boring and monotonous, every day – these are new impressions from unusual procedures, a great mood and a charge of positive emotions!

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