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Egypt in 2019 for Russians: favorite resorts are available again

News about the possibility of opening direct charter flights from Russia to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh appears with enviable consistency. But so far the matter is not going further than declarative conversations. Meanwhile, the Russians are not going to abandon the Egyptian resorts – and are developing new ways.

For 4 years, while there are no direct flights from Russia to the resort cities of Egypt, tourists have repeatedly been promised to set up a flight connection. Back in February 2019, another security inspection of the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh was announced by the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation. But even after it, everything remained in the same positions – directly the resorts of the country of the pyramids are not yet available to the Russians.

Some tourists have long decided for themselves the question of the availability of Egyptian resorts: they fly to the country “on the crossbar”, booking a separate hotel, plane tickets to Cairo and transfer to the resort.

The issue of transfer to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh is particularly acute: from the capital Cairo to the Red Sea at least 500 kilometers – this way can be overcome by car, bus (5-6 hours) or by scheduled flight.

Such a combined tour does not come out cheap, besides, it is necessary to bear the risks associated with the organization of independent travel.

There are other possibilities. So, in January 2019, tour operators began selling package tours to Egypt with a transfer in Turkish Antalya. But already in May, Rosturizm issued a document in which it mentioned the inadmissibility of selling tours with flights from Russia to Egypt, and the flight program was changed – now tour packages with an additional transfer in Turkey are no longer implemented.

In general, the question of the legality of the sale of tours to Egypt by Russian tour operators has not yet been resolved, and Rostourism does not recommend the sale of package offers with transportation to the airports of Egypt.

The Rostourism noted that the sale of tourist products, which includes the transportation of tourists from the territory of Russia by air to resorts in Egypt, with the exception of Cairo, is contrary to the provisions of the Decree on the protection of Russian citizens. No one has canceled the document to this day – and sanctions can be applied to any Russian tour operator.

Also, Russians can get to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh via Warsaw, Kiev or Minsk. And the last way is to fly to Egypt from Minsk and other cities of Belarus, the most understandable and accessible, especially since it is cheaper than the above routes.

The advantages of choosing tours from Belarus:

Trips do not require additional visa support.
There are no additional flight connections, no need to spend money, and an extra takeoff-landing cycle is also eliminated.
While waiting for your flight at the modern Minsk airport, you can visit the Duty Free zone, which is considered one of the cheapest duty-free shops in the world.
There are no cultural and linguistic differences that could complicate communication on the way.
You can plan a small tour of Minsk in anticipation of departure
According to experts of the TravelHouse Travel Agencies Network, the first requests to visit Egyptian resorts through Minsk began to arrive 4 years ago – almost immediately after the cancellation of direct flights. During this time, TravelHouse Travel Network experts organized more than one hundred flights to the resorts of the Red Sea and received dozens of feedback from grateful tourists. Here are some of them.

We flew to Egypt not for the first time, the country was already known, but with the flight trouble, we cannot fly from Moscow. And get to Minsk quickly. We are already retired because we wanted everything to be comfortable and without any problems. I liked that the company has Moscow numbers, you can contact directly and immediately discuss all the details of the tour, find the hotel and the dates are convenient. We were also offered a meeting at the station with a sign, a special thank you for this approach.

This time they flew to Egypt as a small company through Minsk, they chose this path for the first time and were satisfied. I will note two points that especially bribed me in the work of a travel agency: a free shuttle to the airport and the arrangement in a good hotel in Minsk for the night. In the capital of Belarus, we managed to take a walk, we decided for ourselves – we need to come separately to the city again.

We have been in Turkey for three years in a row; the monotony of Turkish hotels has already begun to bore us. But the rest “all inclusive” was still a priority, so they chose Egypt. Conveniently, there is payment in Russian rubles on the card and without incomprehensible conversions. We traveled by car to Belarus and we left it in a guarded parking lot for the rest period (only 183 rubles per day). Definitely recommend the company for an individual approach and constant attention to tourists.

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